Burglar alarms

The choice of an intrusion detection system is related to the degree of security and the level of protection that we want to obtain


burglar alarms 


HD TECH Burglar Alarms allow control of public and private buildings and protecting the individual from intruders.

Our design approach follows a series of stages of development, which can be summarized in the procedure follows.






Phases of project development:


- Analysis of the location or area to be protected


- Evaluation of the access level of the


- Choice of the system and the controls for remote transmission


- Identification of the type, location and number of detectors to be mounted


- Determination of the characteristics of the alarm devices


In this first stage of analysis is very important to identify the inputs (main, secondary, or other windows) and study the habits of the owners and the characteristics of the place to be protected, in order to calculate the level of overall risk.






HD TECH installs:

- Anti-theft wireless (wireless)


- Alarm wired wire


- Distribution fiber optic


- Intruder infrared active and passive


- Motion Sensors


- Alarm with Remote Control


- Anti-theft perimeter and volumetric




Currently, the control units and the software allows the management of partial, total, for different areas. For the construction of these plants are used volumetric detectors as microwave radar or infrared, contacts for windows, doors, and shutters to control systems.


In external control is done through the installation of barriers with microwave radar or infrared.



The system is handled by a central with a software, whose activation can be manual or through the keyboard or keys.



The alarm signal can be carried out with sirens, with a dialer that sends the message to the numbers or directly to the police. HD TECH Burglar Alarms are designed to eliminate false alarms and allow control anywhere and anytime.



We make personalized estimate and free.



Technical assessments affecting the quality and value of the alarm system to choose from are the control, detection and alarm.

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